NFD (Network Function Development) is a project that concentrates on Model-Driven DevOps for Network Functions.


  1. WRS, HyperSFP accepted by NOMS’22 !
  2. SFP accepted by IPDPS’22 in the first round !
  3. NFD, NFReducer, SwitchRL accepted by INFOCOM’21 !


NFV ecosystem is flourishing and more and more NF platforms appear, but this makes NF vendors difficult to deliver NFs rapidly to diverse platforms.

NFD (Network Function Development) issues a novel development framework to address cross-platform development problems. NFD mainly includes a platform-independent language to program NFs’ behavior models, and a compiler with interfaces to develop platform-specific plugins.

Moreover, NF development using our model-based method can greatly facilitate logic optimizations(NFReducer) and verifications(NF-SE) as well.

We have open source NF models and codes in openNFD. NFD is also released on OpenNetVM.